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Liquid Network




Glass drink dispensers,  water, red food dye


The artwork is installed on a flat surface with the drink dispenser spouts overhanging the edge.


The work can also be installed as an interactive piece during a business function such as networking drinks. If installed as an interactive piece, signs are placed on each drink dispenser. On the first dispenser the sign reads "I hate networking", on the second the sign reads "I dislike networking", the third reads "I don't mind networking", the forth reads "I enjoy networking" and the fifth reads "I love networking". Participants are asked to pour themselves a drink as they enter the room and over the course of the event the artwork reveals the general sentiment of the room through falling levels of liquid in each dispenser.


Do you enjoy working with other? What do you like or dislike about it?

What is the value of teamwork? What makes a good team?

How do you make new connections in the workplace?

Is it possible to avoid networking? If so, are there consequences?


Five glass drink dispensers are displayed at the edge of a table. Each dispenser holds a different amount of red food colouring, the most concentrated of which appears like a potent glass of syrupy drink. In the background the sound of a lively corporate networking event taking place is played through speakers. The work is an interpretation of the phrase "drink the Kool Aid", referencing the Jonestown massacre in which cult leader Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink Kool Aid laced with poison. The phrase has since been appropriated in popular culture to refer to someone who strongly subscribes to a particular belief system. To "drink the Kool Aid" means to do as one is told, with great enthusiasm even if it may be damaging to the individual. In this artwork the participant is prompted to metaphorically consider how strong they would like their Kool Aid to be at this hypothetical networking event. 

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