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The Wheels of Fortune





Acrylic, joss paper, vinyl, bamboo, ball bearings


'Inner Edge Drifting' Group Show and accompanying public workshop

Art Space on the Concourse curated by Cassandra Hard-Lawrie

Key Questions

What role does luck play in our lives?

Why do immigrants come to Australia?

How much courage is required to migrate to another country?

What motivates people to leave their hometowns?

Are some migrants more welcome than others?

How do stories of migration shape the lives of modern Australians?

Description of the work

The Wheels of Fortune is an interactive installation inspired by the artist’s cultural lineage and family immigration journey to Australia. Five spinning discs sit atop a transparent plinth that doubles as a ballot box. Viewers are invited to spin the discs and look through a viewfinder, which produces a five-digit code that can be decrypted using the key on the sides of the plinth. The decoded phrase generates a fictional migration story and the viewer is asked a simple question – “would you take this journey to Australia?” The transparent ballot box not only captures Yes/No paper votes but also serves as a visual tally that reflects empathy and understanding of migrant journeys within the community. The work seeks to prompt reflection on the ideals, risks, and motivations of immigration to Australia, while also opening up discussions about personal histories, desires, and chance.

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